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A Fear of..

by Jon Reynolds and The Aches

Undertow" is the brain child of Nashville artists Jon Reynolds and Ben Cramer (Old Sea Brigade). The story goes that after a very weak writing session, they parted ways with the intention of picking up the following week. Unhappy with his performance in the prior session, Jon was determined to come back with something that proved he wasn't a "piss poor co-writer". Sitting on a rocking chair that graced the front porch of Ben's studio, Jon worked out the bass line and verse melody for "Undetrow" in his head while waiting on Ben to arrive to their second write. Once inside, the rest is history....they wish. It took months to work out an arrangement that struck a balance between the hooky bass line and Rockability instrumentation which builds throughout the song. In the end, the two settled on a simplistic, open sound with lyrics that discuss the distractions and challenges that people (particularly artists) face when pursuing their goals.

Opening with a rave review from Susan Hubbard's East of 8th , "Undertow" released to the public on August 16th under Jon's new project, Jon Reynolds and The Aches! Armed with an unforgettable bass line, dirty guitar bridge, and angelic three-part harmonies, "Undertow" will be the musical pick-me-up you need to get you through the week.

  • 3:27
    Jon Reynolds and The Aches