Jon Reynolds & The Aches

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Photographer: Timothy Duggan

In his genre-bending sophomore EP ‘A Fear Of’ frontman and songwriter, Jon Reynolds flexes his craft for creating teams of musicians by forming the Nashville based and talent-soaked band, Jon Reynolds & The Aches. More Southern-Indy Rock than Country, the group’s crowd-pleasing sets are just as tight on an acoustic stage as their full band sound, and with both shows dripping with chemistry, it’s not hard to hear the friends of friends introductions that brought them together.


Armed with styles that hail from Gospel to Rock, each member brings a unique skill set to lift up the harmony driven ensemble which builds and breathes just as thoughtfully as the intentional messages ruminating behind each lyric. Rather than shying away from current events, Reynolds’ inspiration for the songs smoothly bleeds through the speakers as boldly as wet ink. “I believe that art should reflect society.” Reynolds says. “In most situations, artists try to distract or offer an escape from reality, and I have nothing against that, but this project aims to speak to those communal issues, and at least for a moment, show people they aren’t alone.”


Jon Reynolds and The Aches will be releasing a string of single through the rest of 2018, culminating in their debut EP, which will drop in December. Their first single, "Undertow" released on August 16th, to a rave premier on East of 8th.